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Welcome to Dr. Gary Gold & Associates

Eye Care and Vision Solutions in Sunnyvale


At the core of our services are eye exams, detailed assessments designed to evaluate your overall eye health and clarity.


For those with unique vision needs caused by conditions like keratoconus, we provide custom-fitted contacts to enhance comfort and improve vision.


Our medical co-management facilitates seamless care for patients undergoing eye surgeries or treatments for chronic eye conditions.

We Guard Your Whole Family's Eye Health

Dr. Gary Gold & Associates embraces a holistic approach to eye care, ensuring people of all ages in Sunnyvale receive comprehensive services beyond basic vision correction.

Here, we integrate medical and general eye care with a deep commitment to the overall well-being of our patients, treating not just the eyes but the person as a whole.

Expert Eye Treatments

Whether you’re dealing with common issues or more complex conditions, we have the expertise and technology to provide personalized solutions.

Meet Our Eye Doctors

Behind every service we offer is our dedicated eye care team, which includes skilled optometrists, knowledgeable opticians, and supportive staff — all committed to providing exceptional care. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll experience the warmth, expertise, and personalized attention that sets us apart.

Dr. Gary Gold
Dr. Peite Ting
Dr. Ann Kinoshita
Dr. Stephanie Cai
Dr. Connie Chen
Dr. Ramneek Mangat
Dr. Rabab Rafique
Dr. Monica Nguyen

Designer Eyewear

Dr. Gary Gold & Associates features a curated collection of designs from the world’s leading brands. With diverse styles ranging from classic elegance to fresh-off-the-runway trends, each pair of glasses is crafted with high-quality materials and advanced lens technology to ensure a long-lasting statement piece.

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