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Fashion & Function—Eyeglasses in Sunnyvale

Beyond visual clarity, eyeglasses are an essential accessory for fashion-forward individuals. That’s why our collection features the latest trends in eyeglasses, blending functionality with fashion to create the perfect accessory for every face shape, skin tone, and style preference.

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Durability Meets Design with Our Eyewear Range

We have carefully selected our eyewear collection from the world’s leading brands. It includes durable frames and lenses equipped with the latest advancements in optical technology. This ensures that you have access to stylish eyewear that corrects your vision and stands the test of time.

Eyeglasses at Dr. Gary Gold & Associates

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Prescription Glasses

Our prescription glasses combine precision vision correction with the latest trends in eyewear design.

Whether you require single vision, bifocals, or progressives, our extensive range of frames and lenses ensures that your eyewear meets your visual needs while complementing your style.

Our range doesn't stop at functionality. We're committed to providing frames that set trends, crafted from the finest materials for durability and comfort.

From classic designs that evoke a timeless elegance to modern styles that push the boundaries of eyewear fashion, our selection caters to every taste and lifestyle. Plus, with the latest lens technology, including blue light filtering, UV protection, and scratch-resistant coatings, your glasses will look fabulous and offer the best protection and durability.

Kids’ Eyeglasses

Getting children to wear their glasses consistently can be challenging. However, with our fun and colorful kids' eyeglasses, encouraging your little ones to embrace their eyewear becomes a breeze.

Our collection features a variety of trendy, impact-resistant frames designed to withstand the rough and tumbles of playtime, alongside advanced lens options that protect young eyes from digital screens and UV rays.

Plus, our kids' range comes with various playful patterns and designs that make wearing glasses exciting, turning a necessity into a fun accessory for your children.

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  • Blake Kuwahara
  • Chanel
  • Chrome Hearts
  • L.A. Eyeworks
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Specialty Eyewear

Our specialty eyewear supports your lifestyle and hobbies, ensuring maximum eye protection and visual comfort. This includes sports goggles, computer glasses, and eyewear for hobbies like fishing or golfing.

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Stylish Sunglasses (Prescription and Non-Prescription)

Sunglasses are essential eyewear that protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. They also double as a fashion accessories, enhancing your style while ensuring your vision remains clear and comfortable in bright conditions.

Our sunglasses collection also includes prescription options, ideal for people needing vision correction.

  • Matsuda
  • Oakley
  • Silhouette

Designer Eyewear

If you're on the hunt for eyewear that stands out or prefer something classic and chic, our selection of designer glasses offers diverse choices to complement your style.

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