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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My physician from PAMF recommended this place for a contact lense fit/exam. They were able to get me in same day and took VSP insurance! The staff is very welcoming, attentive and polite. Thank you again for awesome customer service!"
    Yadira C.
  • "My wife and I saw Dr Nick Froumis for our appointments, however, Dr Gary Gold popped in from time to time to offer hospitality...and even helped me remove some oxidation on my old frames. Dr Nick gave us one of the most thorough and well explained exams we've ever had. Afterward we were given great assistance in picking out the right color frames for our face and having everything sized correctly to our face. It was probably the best experience at an optometrist I've ever had."
    Allan B.
  • "One tiny screw of my glass frame was lost. I asked the staff of Gary Gold whether they can help fix it. They promptly fixed the glass frame. People there are very friendly. I will definitely consider buying new eye glasses in Gary Gold."
    Bowei L.
  • "After seeing various optometrists for 20 years, Dr. Froumis is best optometrist out there! Very sharp, engaged, asked a ton of questions, then took the time to answer my questions and explain and preview my carneal abrasion long term treatment. I was seriously blown away by this guy, made the visit fun too!"
    Bekhzod S.
  • "Dr. Bansal is super. I have already recommended Dr. Gary Gold & Associates to my friends. I didn't find their cost any worse than the place where I got my glasses three years ago. The only other comment I would add is that you have to get out and let people know you are there. I have lived in Sunnyvale for 38 years, 5 minutes away, and because my client broke a stem on his glasses I happened to notice you because I saw your building completely by accident. I was impressed with the service I received and they took care of fixing the glasses immediately. I didn't know about Dr. Gold, and his practice is so much more convenient for me. The staff is very supportive and helpful, and they don't push their products. They let you choose what you want."
    Barbara D.
  • "Been visiting doctors here since 5 years. Collection is glasses is not very great but still better than some other places I have been"
    Naman G.
  • "Nicely Located in Sunnyvale downtown . Dr. Ratra was really good . Once you are done with form everything is smoothly done . One star minus because of the staff , they feel frustrated sometime."
    Rohit G.
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