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What are contact lens evaluation/fitting fees?

Contact lenses are determined by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to be medical devices and like all prescription devices, contacts must be monitored on a regular basis. Good vision and eye comfort does not insure a healthy contact lens fit. Though not all problems are vision threatening and may cause only discomfort and irritation, without proper follow-up care you can delay correction of a potentially harmful situation.

Contact Lenses
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Our doctors are highly experienced in all areas of contact lens fitting and our office features one of the largest selections of contact lenses for trial fitting in stock. We offer contact lenses of all types, ranging from the basic to astigmatic, and therapeutic lens designs as necessary for the medical purposes.

Contact Lens Evaluation

All patients require a contact lens evaluation every year, in doing so the doctor assesses your eyes to make sure your cornea, lids, and lashes are healthy, and also that your vision with contacts is stable. If you are a first time contact lens wearer the doctor also assesses if you are a candidate for contact lenses. If you are an existing contact lens wearer the doctor must evaluate the current lenses you are in and make sure they are still satisfactory in fit and vision.

Contact Lens Fitting

Patients will require a contacts lens fitting in addition to the evaluation if:

  1. You are a new patient to our office and we didn’t fit the contacts.
  2. Your current contact lens prescription has changed.
  3. The doctor needs to change the material/brand of your contact lenses.

Though all NEW patients to our office will incur the initial fitting fee, most established patients will only incur the evaluation unless you and doctor decide together that a change is needed.

Your fitting fee will include insertion and removal instruction (if needed), initial solutions, and up to 3 pairs of trial contact lenses. A 3-month period (which includes 2 subsequent follow-up visits) is allotted for you to complete your contact lens fitting

Contact Lens Professional Fees

Type of Fee

Price Range



Soft Spherical Fitting


Soft Toric Fitting


Soft Bifocal Fitting


RGP/Hard Spherical Fitting


Some patients may need a more specialty fitting (i.e. Keratoconus or RGP patients) please call our office and speak with a technician for a more in-depth estimate of your professional costs.

Do I have to purchase my contact lenses through your office?

It is recommended that you purchase your initial supply of contact lenses through us, since we have the flexibility of exchanging/replacing damaged or defective lenses for you. Specialty fittings require material purchase through us due to the custom nature of the lenses. Also, in order to utilize your insurance coverage towards contact lenses in most cases you will need to purchase a minimum supply. Rebates are available.

Does my insurance cover contact lens professional fees/materials?

Most insurance companies cover your routine eye exam which includes ocular health and your glasses prescription. The procedures done to determine a contact lens prescription are separate from the routine eye exam. In most instances insurance will give you an allotment towards contact lens fitting and materials. In rare instances insurance will cover contact lens fitting and 1 year supply of materials in full, if it is found that the contacts are needed for a therapeutic purpose. Please contact our office and speak with a technician for a more in depth breakdown of your insurance coverage.

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